Did you know that earlier this year, it was revealed that over 50% of couples in the UK use a wedding directory, blog or planning service to organise their wedding. Less and less people are turning to family and friends for recommendations, and more often than not, couples are are reaching out to experts in the industry and online communities to find their perfect venue or supplier. 

If you've read the 'about us' page, you'll know by now that Debbie and I (Becca), have owned and run an event venue ourselves, so we know first-hand how important online advertisement is, with directories being one of the first alleyways for increased leads. This being said, we've had a lot of negative experiences with directory style websites and decided that we wanted to help other businesses just like us get more for their money, and more leads into their business. 

This is where we're different to the rest. Rather than us being in control of the enquires you get, any enquires made on the infinite weddings website will be sent DIRECTLY to you (we are not the middle man). Your personalised listing will have everything potential clients would need to know if you're right for them or not, and if they decide they want to get in touch, they can simply click on your own contact details and be directed straight to you. It's as simple as that.