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5 Reasons To Book A Marquee Wedding

5 reasons to book a marquee wedding
5 Reasons To Book A Marquee Wedding

Weddings in marquees

More and more couples are choosing to have their weddings in marquees. There are a variety of reasons for this trend, but all come down to the fact that marquee weddings offer something unique and special that other types of weddings cannot match.

Whether you choose to host the entire wedding in a marquee or just the reception, you’ll soon learn just how versatile and flexible a marquee wedding can be. Here are five reasons why you should consider a marquee wedding.

It's a truly blank canvas

When you book a marquee for your wedding, you have a completely blank canvas to work with. This means that you can make the space whatever you want it to be and decorate it however you please. You're not limited by the rules and regulations of a traditional venue, so you can really let your creativity run wild! The space will adapt to your needs, whether you want a boho barn wedding or a sleek and sophisticated soiree.

With a stunning traditional marquee from County Marquees, the marquee alone provides a stunning visual backdrop without the need for any decor. But you're free to decorate your marquee wedding as you wish.

You'll have plenty of space for entertainment

While the main focus of your wedding will be on you and your partner, you'll want to make sure that your guests are entertained too. Marquees provide plenty of space for a dance floor, live music, and other types of entertainment.

You can also let the entertainment spill outside of the marquee, with fun activities like Putt Party or outdoor decor from OMG Event Hire. Hosting an outdoor wedding also means that you can invite unique food trucks to your wedding. An evening food truck could be just the thing to keep your guests fuelled up on the dancefloor. A supplier like Crepe Britain would be ideal for this!

You can get married anywhere

Another significant advantage of marquee weddings is that they can be held anywhere. Whether you want to get married in your own back garden or on a country estate, a marquee can be erected to accommodate your chosen location.

This flexibility is great if you have a specific place in mind for your wedding but are worried that you won't find the ideal wedding venue. You can also avoid the issue of noise complaints, which means you can keep partying until the small hours of the morning.

The weather won't ruin your day

A marquee wedding is a perfect solution if you're worried about the weather ruining your big day. Even if it rains on your wedding day, you can be safe in the knowledge that your marquee will keep you and your guests dry. You still get to enjoy the charm and beauty of an outdoor wedding, but still stay safe from the elements.

And if the sun is shining, you can open up the sides of the marquee to let in a cooling breeze. Marquee weddings can even be suitable for the winter months if you provide space heaters and plenty of cosy blankets.

It's a unique experience

Finally, marquee weddings offer a unique experience that you and your guests will remember forever. There's something magical about getting married under canvas that simply can't be replicated at a traditional venue.

You get to enjoy all of the beauty and romance of an outdoor wedding without the risk that a downpour could ruin your special day. It also makes for some pretty spectacular wedding day photos.

So, if you're looking for a truly unique and memorable wedding venue, consider hosting it in a marquee. Pieces of Cake Marquees offer the ideal solution for your dream outdoor wedding.

Ready to start planning your marquee wedding? We’re here to help in any way we can. From connecting you with friendly suppliers that will support your dreams, to helping you to define your wedding aesthetic. Get in touch today to learn more.

Debbie and Becca x

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