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5 Wedding Ceremony Ideas To Adopt For Your Same Sex Wedding

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Planning a same-sex wedding means that you get to create your own traditions from scratch. Many wedding traditions might not make sense for your wedding day, therefore we recommend starting from the core and building a ceremony that reflects your love for one another.

Rob, Oakwood Ceremonies, a UK and Global based celebrant service provider, agrees and says, 'I love creating beautiful alternatives to traditional ceremonies and am passionate about helping those who do not wish to have a traditional wedding. Being able to offer a unique, personalised services to couples and families, truly makes me smile. Whether it be a large wedding or a more intimate occasion, there is nothing greater than being part of a unique ceremony that is based on a couples love.'

Unity wedding ceremonies offer a unique alternative to the typical wedding, allowing you to declare your love for one another in a memorable way. So, if you want to say more than just vows, consider these unity ceremony ideas.

The Sand Ceremony

A sand ceremony can take place before or after you say your vows. You both have your own colour of sand, and these are mixed in a single vessel to symbolise the way your lives are now intertwined. Once combined, separating the grains of sand would be impossible.

You could choose sand from different beaches or choose coloured sand to reflect your personality. One partner pours in half of their sand while saying their vows, followed by the other partner. Finally, you pour the rest of your sand at the same time, creating a beautiful mix. Engrave the bottle with your wedding date and seal it for a beautiful memento.

This is perfect if you’re planning an overseas wedding with Hour Weddings. Choose sand from your favourite beaches for the ceremony.

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Image: Hour Weddings

Tree Planting Ceremony

Want to give something back to the earth on your wedding day? Why not include tree planting in your ceremony? A tree symbolises growth, so it’s easy to see why this is a popular choice with couples.

You could choose something large and mighty like an oak tree or something beautiful and delicate like a cherry blossom tree, or plan your wedding in a country estate like The Compasses At Pattiswick to complete the nature-loving theme.

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Image: The Compasses At Pattiswick

Handfasting Ceremony

This Pagan ritual is thought to be the origin of the phrase “tying the knot”. In a handfasting ceremony, the couple’s hands are bound together using a cord or ribbon tied in a knot. This makes a great photo opportunity, and you can also keep the cord or ribbon to create something memorable.

With the help of Flora & Daisy, you can incorporate the same cord or ribbon into your floral arrangements.

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Harmony Glass Ceremony

Like the sand ceremony, this tradition involved blending different coloured crystal beads. The beads are combined in a single vessel and can then be melted down and made into a unique glass artwork following the ceremony.

You could create a piece of fused glass wall art, a vase, Christmas baubles or paperweights. You can also hint at the harmony glass ceremony with wedding stationery inspired by glass. Trust Cloud Made Designs to help you create the perfect designs.

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Image : Cloud Made Designs

Ring Warming Ceremony

This type of ceremony allows you to include all of the people involved in your wedding. The rings are passed around the guests, and everyone has a chance to bless the rings and “warm” them before they are passed back to the front. Michael Frank Jewellers can help you to design bespoke rings for the warming ceremony.

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Image: Michael Frank Jewellers

Ceremony Tip From Amanda's Beautiful Ceremonies

Amanda, from Amanda's Beautiful Ceremonies, says, ‘If you want a ceremony without limits then have an independent celebrant, who allows you to make your wedding more personable and unique.' She also adds, ‘When thinking about your ceremony, go with your heart, don't worry about what everyone else thinks. It's your day, the people that care about you the most are totally behind you and will support whatever choices you make.’

We hope this blog was helpful for you! For more advice and inspiration to help make your wedding day a unique and memorable occasion, make sure you’re following the Infinite Wedding Co blog regularly. We share helpful insight and inspiration to help make planning your wedding a breeze.

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Debbie and Becca x

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