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8 Ways To Keep Children Entertained

Keeping kids entertained at weddings

8 Ways To Keep Children Entertained At Your Wedding by Rob - Oaktree Ceremonies

It’s always lovely to see children enjoying weddings but let’s face it, it can be a long day for them and if you don’t have things to occupy them, disaster can strike! Tears may flow, tantrums could occur and that’s why Rob at Oaktree Ceremonies, has come up with the best ways to keep children entertained at a wedding. Over to you Rob:

1. Children’s goody bags

Welcome bags for your younger guests will go down a treat. You could include colouring books, glow sticks, little sweet treats, and anything else you and your groom loved as kids.

2. Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts have a magical ability to keep any young children entertained and absorbed in what they’re doing. Set up an arts and crafts table in a tucked-away corner of your venue. Just avoid paint and other materials that stain!

3. Outdoor activities

Does your venue have an outside space of any kind, such as a garden or courtyard? If so, you’re in luck. There’s an endless stream of outdoor activities you can set up, such as piñatas, a bouncy castle, and a ring toss game. If you’re feeling creative, set up an outdoor treasure hunt with a little prize at the end.

4. Kid-friendly drinks

While your 18+ guests will be looking forward to having a tipple, you could also provide some fun, alcoholic-free cocktails or punches for the children.

5. Sweet treats

There isn’t much that children love more than sweets and treats. At an occasion as important as a wedding, there’s no harm in indulging their sweet tooth if it helps them to be happy and occupied. Give each child a miniature bag of pick and mix to nibble through during the ceremony. Then during the reception, how about a chocolate fountain to keep them entertained?

6. Photo booth

Fun for kids and guests of all ages, a photo booth will keep everyone entertained throughout the reception. Have attendees choose from a variety of fun props and watch how the children make funny faces and enjoy this activity for hours.

7. Their own dancefloor

Give children some time of the dancefloor before or after your first dance. Ask your DJ to prepare a child-friendly playlist and play this before you start your party. They’ll be worn out in no time!

8. Mini photographers

Enlist the help of the children as mini wedding photographers. Give each of them a disposable camera with a list of photos that you want them to get. Then set them free to do so!

Thank you Rob for sharing this blog!

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Debbie and Becca x

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