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Alternative catering, perfect for your wedding day.

When I first started planning our wedding, one of the first things I said was “I am NOT having a ‘sit down’ meal”. For anyone who has met myself and/or Debbie, you will know that neither of us are traditional, even in the slightest. For me, I love to mingle with family and friends who I haven’t seen in weeks, months or maybe even years. I’ve always loved the idea of more casual dining, where guests can grab a bite to eat on their own time, chow down with their hands and sit next to whoever they want!

Don’t get me wrong, I adore going out for lavish three course dinners with wine to accompany, however, when there are so many people in one place to chat to, I really don’t want to be sat next to the same people I see all the time for up to three hours, particularly as the bride!

So, Debs and I have decided on ‘street food’ style catering, and while we haven’t chosen our options yet, we wanted to share some ideas with you in case this sounds like something you might prefer to what’s considered “the norm”.


Something we’ve decided is 100% going to be one of our options. Our favourite restaurant (in the entire world, might I add) is this gorgeous rustic trattoria, that serves authentic Italian pizzas, cooked right in front of you at their restaurant, in Spain. Yeah I know, traditional Italian in Spain isn’t what you were expecting but don’t knock it! Pizza is quick, versatile and I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t like it…


Curries & Asian Cuisine

I don’t know about you but I am OBSESSED with steamed dumplings. I LOVE a Thai green curry and there is absolutely no denying that a great Indian curry is always very well received.

I’ve been to several weddings now where multi-cultural food has been available and honestly, it's something people have talked about for years after. It's no secret that we brits (generally) love a curry.


Sharing Platters

Keeping in theme with the idea of mingling with other guests, a sharing platter or grazing table is the perfect idea for those wanting to keep things super casual and sociable. You can do this option as a ‘serve at the table’ thing, or buffet style where guests can help themselves as and when they please.



This has been a favourite for many years now, with loads of couples turning to this laid back, summer style ‘wedding breakfast’. The great thing with a BBQ is that you can choose so many different options, and it will usually please all, if not almost all, of your guests.



This is one of our personal favourites. Paella is a great choice all round. It’s rich with flavour and will keep your guests full and ready to dance the night away. It’s something that can be tailored to your particular tastes or requirements, and it’ll keep your wedding budget looking happy.


Fish & Chips

It couldn’t get anymore ‘British’ if you tried. A traditional chippy van serving up hot battered fish (or halloumi for your veggie guests) and loads of chips with salt & vinegar is a perfect, easy-going option for your wedding catering. Mix it up a bit by asking your chosen caterer to personalise your menu.


Hog Roast

Another long-term favourite with couples getting married in the UK, and again a personal favourite of mine: a hog roast. An all-around crowd pleaser and something that can be eaten without cutlery (napkins however are recommended).

Afternoon tea buffet

If you and/or your partner have a sweet tooth, this option is here just for you. An informal sweet & savoury buffet made up with all of your favourites. Be sure to get in touch with your caterer to discuss the possibility of personalising your menu a little. For example, I really don’t like quiche and fruit tarts are not my thing. My ideal wedding afternoon tea would be composed of: sandwiches, mini burgers, crisps and pies alongside chocolate cookies, carrot cake and maybe some millionaire shortbread.


Mexican cuisine is often bursting with bold flavours and is probably about as casual as you can get. Another easily adaptable option, with so many different dishes to choose from. My top picks would be: Tacos, Burritos and/or nachos with lashings of salsa, cheese and sour cream.

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