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Has your wedding been affected by COVID-19?...

As of two days ago, the decision to ‘lockdown’ the UK was made, and as a result, all weddings and events were to be cancelled or postponed until who-knows-when. I know that there are so many couples out there right now who are utterly devastated that their special day has been put on hold. Not only has this affected those who had weddings booked this year, but it’s also affecting venues and suppliers across the industry, PLUS couples who were hoping to book their wedding next year (like myself).

Debbie and I had been planning a wedding next year, we booked a venue however over the last month we had fallen in love with a different venue, and decided to re-book AND change our date from October to a summer 2021 wedding. We’ve been in touch with our new venue, and not surprisingly they are holding all bookings for next year until all of the summer weddings this year have been re-scheduled. Being in the industry, we totally understand that they’re 100% doing the right thing, however this does leave us a little uncertain to wether or not we’ll even be able to have our wedding next year at all. We also haven’t booked all of our suppliers yet, and by the looks of things, mostly all suppliers are following in the steps of our new venue, and holding dates until everyone else has been re-scheduled.


Now, for those of you who had booked a summer wedding 2020, what on earth happens next? Well, if you’ve taken the plunge and totally cancelled your 2020 wedding, it’s time to start looking for some other dates. Bare in mind that you’re going to need to keep an open mind and stay flexible. If you’ve already paid deposits, get in touch with your suppliers now to find out if they would be happy to swap your deposit to a different date. Pick maybe 3-4 dates and confirm that your suppliers are all available on those dates.

It’s not going to be easy, and there might be some money lost, but from our experience and feedback, most suppliers within the industry are helping out clients as much as they possibly can.

Please remember, many of your chosen suppliers are probably small, independently run businesses, with a low cash flow. They might not be able to give you your money back immediately, or maybe even at all. This is a risk we ALL take, by not getting wedding insurance!!!

Another thing you must make sure to do as soon as possible is to let your guests know that your wedding is cancelled or postponed. Even if you do not have a new date yet, your guests will need to take care of any plans they had already made such as: taxis, hotel arrangements, childcare, flights and more.

This is a scary and uncertain time for anyone, and both Debbie and I want to be as much help as we can for both suppliers and couples a-like. Please, if you’re having trouble deciding what to do about your upcoming wedding or if you’re having trouble with your own wedding industry business, get in touch today for FREE advice and what steps you can take next.

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