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How to have a wedding as individual as you are with: Ross Willsher.

Everyone deserves to have a wedding that reflects and celebrates their unique qualities. Are you currently in the midst of planning your wedding? Are you struggling with your list of priorities and having problems with others butting in and telling you what you should do?

You'll often find other people trying to push you to include plans that you really didn't want at your wedding. This doesn't only apply to your friends and family. Many struggle with their venue or suppliers trying to coax them into having elements you didn't really want.

Minimise stress, empower yourself and create a your dream wedding by reading Ross Willshers' brand new book: How to have a wedding as individual as you are

Ross dares you to be yourself and helps you understand how to choose the right venue and vendors, who share your values and compliment your day.

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We recently met up with Ross and caught up over lunch. We asked a few questions about his fabulous new book, and recorded his answers to give you more insight to who Ross is, and what you can expect from 'How to have a wedding as individual as you are'...

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Even though we already know you...could you tell our readers a little more about you/what you do/how long have you been in the industry?...

I'm a wedding and family photographer, I specialise in celebrating love in all of its forms and making people feel comfortable in their own skin. I've been a photographer for many years but started my business two and half years ago and it's gone from strength to strength ever since. I love photographing a diverse range couples and families, especially same sex couples (being gay myself), shy families and anyone who hasn't been made to feel photo-worthy in the past.

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What do you find motivates you?...

I love hearing how clients love themselves in photos I have taken of them and helping people with low self-esteem to finally realise they are photogenic and worthy of having professional photos taken.

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What do you find most challenging in your role?...

With so many of us around, it can be easy for people to see you as "just another photographer" and I'm working hard to ensure that new and existing clients understand that I am here to listen to their concerns, work in alignment with their values and requests and to make the shoot all about them. Having a degree in psychology and experience of working in the education and care industries, really helps me to create a person-centred approach to my work that not all photographers can offer.

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Name one person who’s had the biggest influence on you?...

My grandad demonstrated how to be thankful for what you had in life and to smile through adversity, so I would say he has been a big influence on me. I also really admire Andy Murray's ability to ignore doubters and his own negative mindset at times to achieve all of his goals and never give up.

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Just out of curiosity, if you could talk to one person from history, who would it be and why?...

Ooh that's a tricky one - I'm not big on history. I'd probably have a chat with my younger self and reassure him everything is going to be alright and he will be living a life he once never thought possible!

Where did your inspiration to write a book come from?...

I felt that so many couples were feeling stressed when planning their wedding, coerced into making choices that weren't true to who they are or who felt underrepresented by mainstream wedding marketing material. I wanted to give couples the freedom and validation to have a wedding that centred on what mattered to them as opposed to what family members and wedding suppliers thought they should have.

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Could you tell us a little about what readers can expect?...

One reader told me that although she isn't getting married, she still found it hugely inspiring and that was wonderful to hear as although it guides couples through some of the practical aspects of getting married, there is a deeper message about staying true to who you are, not comparing yourself to others and remembering what really matters in a marriage. I deliberately avoided a book full of check lists and timelines, and focussed more on the principle of how to not be drawn into someone else's idea of the perfect wedding or base a wedding on traditions that do not resonate with you.

Is there a specific audience it’s aimed at?...

There are lots of practical tips that apply to all couples getting married, but in particular the book is for couples who are not always fully catered for by the wedding industry, whether that be because they are marrying someone of the same sex, a different race or don't identify with the 20-something skinny brides on the front of all the magazines and photography sites.

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