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How To Make The Most Out Of Wedding Fayres

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‘Extraordinary Weddings Don’t Just Happen, They Are Planned!’

You’re engaged! Whoo hoo! Come back down to earth and you realise that getting married involves a little thing called, ‘Wedding Planning!”

There is so much to consider in the lead up to your big day, and wedding fayres can be a perfect way to help you make some key decisions. They provide great opportunities for you to gather inspiration and meet suppliers/venues that you might want to work with.

They can also be extremely overwhelming, and if you don’t approach them properly, you will come away feeling fatigued, frazzled, and downright fraught!

In this blog entry, we aim to give you an insight into what to expect, and how to get the most out of attending.

1. Do some research!

There are many different wedding fayres around the country and not all will be suitable for you.

To make sure you choose the right ones, start to look at wedding magazines, follow wedding venues such as Hop Farm and That Amazing Place, who write really handy blogs all about weddings, and various suppliers i.e., florists like the wonderful Simply Stunning Flowers, and photographers such as Picture and Petals, on social media.

Look at location, where the fayre is being held, and look to see who’s exhibiting. See if they are offering something on the day i.e. a caterer maybe offering sample food, a makeup artist maybe showing practical classes and a mobile bar could be offering sample drinks or cocktails.

Always ask yourself before deciding to go, are these suppliers suitable for you? Will they travel to your wedding venue?

To narrow down your list further think about the following;

What time of year are you getting married?

Where are you getting married?

What is your wedding theme/style?

What suppliers are you looking for? For example, are you looking for a mobile bar like Beyond Bar Hire, or entertainment such as a photobooth that you can hire from Smiles Better Entertainment.

Once you have considered all the above, you’ll be much more confident that you’ll get the most out of the fayre you’re attending.

2. Make a wedding fayre plan of attack!

Now you know the wedding fayres you’ll be attending, make sure you are ready to use these to your advantage and get as much out of them as possible.

Be prepared, start by making a list of what you want to achieve and stick to it. Decide on a some aims, and objectives then set out to achieve them i.e., find a cake maker, decide on flower choice, photographer etc…

3. Larger fayres

It will be difficult to get around all of the exhibitors stands at the larger fayres, so before you attend try to get a floor plan or list of exhibitors and prioritise who you want to see.

If the fayre isn’t displaying the floor plan on their website, drop the organiser an email a few weeks prior.

If your suppliers are offering demonstrations make sure you note what time these are and include this in your plan for the day. At the larger fayre, you probably won’t be able to attend them all, so work out beforehand which ones are priority.

4. Who to take to a wedding fayre?

It can be tempting to make it a day out with your mum, bridesmaids, groomsmen, friends etc. However, you are going to be making BIG decisions about your wedding day and these decisions need to be made together as a couple. Think of it like house buying, you would generally go as a couple to house viewings, wouldn’t you?

We recently attended KD Events wedding fayre and were so thankful that we went together as there were questions asked, that both of us needed to be present for.

5. What to take to a wedding fayre?

This is EXTREMELY important. A wedding fayre IS NOT the event to don a lovely pair of Dior heels! Flats, flats, flats all the way. Amara Bridal say, ‘Take a pair of heels if you are considering trying on dresses, but definitely don’t wear them!’

Suitable clothing is also a must; go comfy - leggings T-shirt, anything you won’t feel too hot and sweaty in.

Pack a BIG bag to carry all of the leaflets, samples etc. you will be picking up. One of the big ones you can get from most supermarkets, would be suitable.

Take both cash and a credit / debit card. More often than not, vendors will be ok with card, but some will require cash, so take both just in case.

Don’t forget your diary/calendar! You’ll be choosing suppliers who will want to set up a meeting with you so it’s important you have this with you so you can schedule appointments there and then.

6. Enjoy!

You’re prepared, you’re ready, your armed with a plan now all there’s left to do is enjoy and take it all in!

Try not to get too overwhelmed, and if you do feel frazzled, take that free glass of fizz when offered, eat those sample cakes, and taste those yummy chocolates!

Rest when you feel like it and try not to forget to soak in the experience of walking around together, looking for the ideal components for your dream day.

For more advice and inspiration to help make your wedding day a unique and memorable occasion, make sure you’re following the Infinite Wedding Co blog. We share helpful insight and inspiration to help make planning your wedding a breeze.

Ping us an email here:, if you have any other questions, we’d love to help.

Debbie and Becca x

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