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How to plan a last minute wedding

Whether you just want to be married already, or hoping to bag a last minute bargain, you'll need to make sure you don't miss anything when planning an impromptu wedding. Here are my top tips for planning a wedding within weeks and nabbing some savings while doing so!

1. Download a 'Wedding Checklist'

First things first, download our ultimate wedding checklist and highlight anything you want for your wedding, crossing out all the little extras you can do without. Click here to download/print.

2. Figure out the legalities

Next, figure out the legalities of your marriage. Where and when are you going to get married? Local registry offices often give big discounts to couples who are flexible, and are willing to get married on dates that aren't popular or aren't yet filled.

3. Venue, Food, Photographers and Props

Find your venue, book your catering and hunt down some suppliers with last minute offers. You'll often find that many suppliers throughout the wedding industry, will offer handsome discounts to fill last minute dates in their diaries. Please be sure to do your research, and find reputable suppliers that aren't going to let you down.

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4. Get those invites out, ASAP!

Get those invites written and sent! Forget the 'Save The Dates' and skip straight to a formal invite, including everything your guests will need to know. You can read more here about what you should and shouldn't include in your wedding invitations.

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5. Speak to your local bridal and/or grooms wear boutiques

This is probably going to be the hardest part of planning your last minute wedding. More often than not, bridal shops (in particular) will require you to find your dream dress at least 12 months before the wedding itself. This gives the store time to order your dress in, make any alterations and second alterations if required. Suits are easier, and will require much less time, however if you're looking for something tailored and bespoke, then definitely get in touch with local stores to see how they can help you.

6. Get your bridesmaids/groomsmen's outfits off the rack

Using a bridal or suit store to buy bridesmaids dresses can be 1) Very costly and 2) Take just as much time as a wedding dress. Tailored bridesmaids outfits will often need alterations which can take weeks, even months to get organised. Save yourself some time and do some high street shopping for beautiful occasion wear. We LOVE Silkfred and their range of bridesmaids outfits.

7. DIY your decor and floral arrangements

You might struggle to find a florist last minute, but is this something you could do yourself? Check out our recently Pinterest board of beautiful wedding flower arrangements that can easily be recreated by just about anyone.

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8. Ask a family member or friend to make your cake

Figure out what you'd like to do about the cake. Is there someone in your family who's a pretty good home baker? If you're looking for something authentic and you're not too fussed about having an elaborate cake, why not ask a friend or family member to help out and bake you a cake and/or some baked goods? This is a lovely way to keep things personal, and guests will surely be impressed with a home baked cake.

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