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IWC Top Tips: How to Have A Non-Conventional Wedding

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When you’re planning your wedding, you might feel pulled in many different directions. Traditions may make you feel frazzled, coupled with the judgment that comes from others.

We say, there are no rules when it comes to your wedding. You decide what you want, so don't let dated conventions, and others, dictate your dreams.

Below are some tips on how you can do away with tradition and host a wedding as unique your love.

  • Provide unique food - why not have a BBQ for a wedding breakfast or have a hog roast instead of the tradition 3 course meal.
  • Dress your bridal party in non-traditional attire or choose a vibrant colour, coupled with alternative blooms.
  • Choose a wedding theme - consider what elements speak to you as a couple or as individuals. If you like theatre and performance, why not theme you’re wedding around this? Remember it’s your day!
  • Non-traditional cakes - This could mean light and airy Victoria sponge smothered with a thick layer of tasty buttercream instead of traditional fruit cake.
  • Find a non-traditional wedding venue – why not opt for a wedding tipi or marquee instead of an indoors venue.
  • Have a different kind of reception drink - try a cocktail or hot mulled wine reception drink instead of prosecco
  • Throw away with having flowers - replace the traditional garlands and adornments, with something else such as, leaves, lanterns, beads, or pearls, hang something above the table, such as lanterns or a unique chandelier

Hope these tips were helpful?!

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Debbie and Becca x

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