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IWC Top Tips : How To Keep Your Winter Wedding Warm

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We love winter! Cosey nights snuggled by the fire with your love, in your favourite fluffy pjs and furry socks... just bliss!

We also believe there’s something totally magical about a winter wedding. Wouldn’t you agree?

From yummy mulled wine reception drinks, to hot log fires, fluffy jackets and festive wedding breakfasts, they’re packed full of cosiness and warmth.

So how do you keep your friends and family warm at a winter wedding? Here are some quick tips :

Use Warming Tones

Warm colours such as maroons, oranges, deep purples and dark greens are ideal colours if you want guests to feel snug, relaxed and intimate.


A blanket hamper at your wedding ceremony will go down perfectly especially if it’s started to snow or the temperature has dropped into the minuses.


Decorate your venue with candles if your venue allows it (always double check!). Candles will make your venue feel warm and look magical.

Swap Your Reception Drinks From Cold To Hot

Mulled wine or hot cider reception drinks instead of Prosecco, will go down a treat with your guest.

Hand Warmers

Why don’t you gift hand warmers as wedding favours to your guests . They can crack them as soon as they receive them to keep their mitts warm as they enjoy your special day.

Hope these winter wedding tips were helpful.

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Debbie and Becca x

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