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Liz Martinez: Beautiful Bridal Wear

So about a year or so ago I was doing my daily rounds of mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, watching strange videos of dogs dressed in bee suits and sugar infused recipes that I would save and never actually make, when I came across this utterly GORGEOUS wedding dress that stopped me dead in my tracks. The dress featured a high neck with a whimsical design covered in beautiful flowers that flowed the whole way down the dress. Although at the time I wasn’t engaged, (I AM NOW!!!) but this was the exact moment I knew that if/when I got married, I would be doing so in a Liz Martinez gown.

I mean, just look how beautiful…

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After seeing this dress I spent the entire day educating myself about this talented designer & searching through more of her designs and collections. I fell in love with every design and Liz Martinez became my favourite wedding dress designer. So let me take this opportunity to share with you some images of these dresses & a little bit about Liz herself…

Liz Martinez is an Israeli bridal gown designer. She has evolved her designs from her bedroom at her mothers apartment outside Tel Aviv into one of the hottest brands in the international bridal fashion scene. Her gowns are described (quite rightly) as statement dresses. Something to add flare and uniqueness to your wedding day.

Just take a look for yourself:

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See, utterly GORGEOUS, right?!

If any of these images have tickled your tastebuds, head over to her website where you can browse a load more dresses and collections from the past few years:

Liz Martinez’ gowns are stocked exclusively at Angelica Bridal, Camden, London in the uk:

Or at The White Gallery Boutique, Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland:

(All of the above images have been taken from & belong to )

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