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Most Popular: Destination Wedding Locations

As you may have already noticed, 2018/19 has seen a huge rise in couples hosting destination weddings. It comes as no surprise that the UK is one of the wettest locations in Europe, so of course couples are opting to host their wedding in a much more favourable climate. I myself am planning a destination wedding, considering a host of different places and styles of venues. I've searched and searched and have finally decided on my favourite locations for destination weddings, and decided to share what I found with you.

1. Provence, France.

Located in the south east of France, bordering Italy and the Mediterranean sea. Provence offers diverse and beautiful landscapes from vibrant fields of purple lavender and vast vineyards on hilltops to the captivating coastlines of Cote d'Azur, Marseille and Nice. With such a variety of backdrops, it's easy to find a location that best suits you and your wedding party.

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2. Amalfi Coast, Italy.

A UNESCO World heritage site, located in the south of Italy, the Amalfi coast boasts a picturesque location for a wedding. A colourful town contrasted with lush green mountains and surrounded by the deep, blue, Mediterranean sea.

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3. Kauai, Hawaii.

Nicknamed 'The Garden Isle' due to being mostly covered by tropical rainforest, Kauai is a beautiful beach destination, with a vast, green, mountainous backdrop. Kauai also offers a consistently warm climate, and in the coldest month drops to 25 degrees celsius. Perfect for sun worshippers!

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4. Aruba, Caribbean.

Another warm and sandy haven, Aruba is famously known for its bright white beaches, crystal clear waters and roaming pink flamingos. Aruba is a Dutch Caribbean island featuring architecture that resembles buildings seen in the Netherlands. A unique island, offering shopping, architecture and history and the perfect beach get away.

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5. Las Vagas, USA.

Vegas seems to have found itself with a reputation where couples go to get married quickly, and those marriages often end in divorce. I personally believe that Vegas is an incredible place to get hitched. It is home to some of the most luxurious hotels and casinos in the world. For those planning a luxury wedding, where cost is not too much of an issue, Vegas can offer you everything you could ever desire to create your dream wedding.

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6. Santorini, Greece.

Heading back over seas to Santorini, the white washed town of Greece. A postcard location perfect for couples looking for a dramatic backdrop to their wedding. Santorini is also said to be home to some of the best sunsets in the world. Just imagine those wedding pictures...

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7. Malaga, Spain.

Located in the Costa del Sol, Malaga is commonly misjudged and labeled as a 'soulless' city, but I believe it is anything but. Malaga boasts a rich amount of history, culture and also has some really incredible places to eat traditional Spanish cuisine. With a flight time of just under 3 hours, it is the perfect place to host a destination wedding, without you or your guests having to make a long haul flight. It is also one of the less costly areas for a wedding.

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8. Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Having not long been home from a two week trip to this beautiful place, I can see why many couples choose to hold their special day here. To start, Riviera Maya is home to a lot of luxury, yet affordable resorts, most of which are available for weddings. Secondly, the climate is far from what we all suffer here in the UK. And thirdly, its beautiful beaches and clear blue seas are some of the best in the world. If I were to hold a beach wedding myself, it would probably be here. Riviera Maya welcomes same sex couples and Debbie and I felt so comfortable being open (which is not always the case in many of the Caribbean islands).

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9. Tuscany, Italy.

Possibly the perfect outdoor wedding destination, Tuscany is home to many beautiful wedding venues, most of which have gorgeous outdoor spaces in which you can host your wedding reception.

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10. Paphos, Cyprus.

One of the most popular destination wedding locations in Europe, and for good reason. It is a beautiful place, with a Mediterranean coast line and an almost perfect climate, with a lot of sun and not a lot of rain!

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