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Not Out Of The Woods Yet: Protecting Your Guests From COVID-19 This Winter

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While the pandemic may be starting to wind down, we’re not out of the woods yet. Cases are spiking around the world, so while winter weddings may be able to go ahead, you’ll still need to think about how to reduce the risk to your guests.

Elderly or vulnerable guests, in particular, might be worried about the provisions in place to help limit the spread. By being open and honest with your guests about the precautions you are taking, you can put their minds at ease. Here are just some of the most popular ways you can keep guests safe.

Make the most of outdoor space

Giving guests the option to spend time outdoors might make them feel more secure. A large tent or marquee, like these from Piece of Cake Marquees can provide the perfect open air space and ensure adequate airflow. If you’re concerned about the temperature, introduce some patio heaters to keep your guests toasty. You could also scatter blankets around the outdoor venue and make sure that chairs have coverings so that no one has to sit on a cold chair.

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Think about food and drink hygiene

It might not be the ideal time for a buffet or self-serve drinks counter. Work with your caterers to establish the most hygienic way to keep your guests fed and watered. A food truck like Crepe Britain could be the ideal choice of catering, as it means that guests will order their food individually. A bottle/cocktail bar such as Prim And Proper Cocktail Bar or Beyond Bar Hire, is also an excellent way to ensure minimal risk to your guests by handing the same items.

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Create cleaning stations

It might not be the most glamorous addition to your wedding, but stations for hand sanitiser, cleaning spray and paper towels will help guests to feel more secure. Ask your wedding planner if you can make these look more attractive and work them into your wedding theme.

For example, you could turn mason jars into hand sanitiser stations by punching a hole in the top for a pump dispenser. Working with an on-the-day wedding coordinator like Sparkling Soirees or JS Events will help you to keep cleaning stations stocked up at all times.

Encourage testing

Rapid lateral flow tests are readily available and offer an excellent way to ensure everyone stays safe. Request that guests take one the morning of your wedding and then ask them to stay at home if their test is positive.

This could mean that some individuals are unable to attend your big day, but this is far better than having COVID-10 spreading around your wedding guests. Setting up a live stream of your big day could help those who are unable to attend due to isolation requirements feel like they aren’t missing out. E-There makes it easy for you to share your wedding with those who cannot physically attend.

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Allow for social distancing

While some people might not see any danger in mixing, others are still keen to maintain distance from individuals outside their household. Make it easier for your guests to keep their distance by setting up socially distanced seating.

Smaller tables rather than banquet style seating could make some guests feel more comfortable with the arrangements. When creating seating plans, try to keep household groups together to minimise mixing. Fabricate Decor can help you to create distanced seating arrangements with ease.

Need help planning the perfect COVID-10 secure wedding? Get in touch with our team to learn how we can help!

Debbie & Becca x

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