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Popular Wedding Trends For 2021

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Some couples were hopeful that by this year we’d be saying farewell to the challenging year we've just had, knocking back sambuca shots and doing cheesy dancing to 80’ hits with 120 guests at their wedding.

Unfortunately, despite the government announcement in February, life isn't exactly going to be the 'normal' we’d hoped for and without question, the wedding trends for 2021 are going to be strongly influenced by Covid19.

So… what does that mean for this year's weddings?

2021 will be the year of the authentic wedding; think smaller guest counts, more intimate occasions and an emphasis on the things we can control such as sustainability and ethics, food, flowers and personal details.

Ethics and Sustainability

Sustainable weddings have increased in popularity over the years, which is great news. During 2021 this trend will continue and in addition, couples are also considering their ethical impact.

Whether it's opting for giving without receiving, shopping local or thinking about more sustainable fashion ideas and decor, how to be kinder to the planet and each other is on everybody's minds.

You can make choices in just about every area of wedding planning that will help lower the impact of your day, so here are some ideas we’ve thought of:

Local food produce - Whether your venue is providing the wedding meal or you're hiring a separate team, you should be able to find a catering company with a sustainable ethos who source organic, local, Fairtrade and ethically produced ingredients where possible. By doing this you will cut down the carbon footprint and help distressed farmers in these times.

Flowers - Instead of using unnecessary amounts of floral arrangements, choose statement pieces that will really be noticed. Also, why not ask your florist to source locally-grown flowers – you could suggest some seasonal alternatives or provide living plants.

Cheryl, at Cheryl’s Flowers says she is determined to continue to be more and more sustainable. She says that in the summer she uses two local suppliers where she goes to hand pick couples’ flowers. “I also use string that is biodegradable and have started using paper to wrap bouquets instead of cellophane. All my floral arches are sustainable - no oasis is used at all!”

Visit here to see the list of florists we recommend for sustainability and ethics.

Reusable Décor - Dress your ceremony and reception spaces with recyclable or reusable items like glassware, bunting, and vintage candlesticks, some of which you can hire (check with the venue first as some won’t allow candles due to safety hazards).

It's also a good idea to source biodegradable confetti and biodegradable glitter for the big day. In addition, why not choose cutlery and crockery made of biodegradable materials like bamboo.

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Stationery - Many couples are choosing to do all of their wedding correspondence digitally to avoid paper wastage, however, if you don’t want to let go of stationery altogether a nice alternative is bespoke wedding invitations, menus, seating plans, printed on recycled paper.

Lauren at 33 PIXELS in Essex agrees that this trend is popular and says, “Most of our stationery is recycled as we are trying to keep everything as eco-friendly as possible.”

Micro Weddings

Despite the news that weddings could return to some sort of normality in 2021, many couples getting married this year are still opting for a small/micro wedding.

What is a micro wedding?

Micro weddings are defined as those with a guest list of up to 30 guests – they are easier, cheaper, and so much less stressful.

Most importantly of all, they also allow the couples to spend quality time with each and every guest – just one of the reasons for its surging popularity.

The Hare's Field, near Braintree in Essex is an ideal example of where you could host a micro wedding. The sympathetically restored farm buildings overlook peaceful country views and, as well as celebration spaces, the venue offers self-catering accommodation so your nearest and dearest can stay together.

For many people opting for a micro wedding this year is a dream come true – think about it, as a bonus you don't have to invite all those distant aunts and cousins that you may dread seeing.

Whether it's due to covid, budget constraints, or simply wanting to scale back to just the few family and friends the couple can’t live without, the micro wedding will be huge in 2021.

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Dreamy table created by Hayley at starry eyed weddings, stunning tableware from CMA Hire and deliciously tempting food from Gather & Feast Events. Wedding photographer - Charlotte Three Flowers Photography


Pantone has chosen two 'colours of the year' for 2021. Maybe with the year we’ve just had, they wanted to go ALL OUT!

Ultimate Grey (a soft grey) and Illuminating (a vibrant yellow) are this year’s choice. Pantone describes them as, "two independent colours that highlight how different elements come together to support one another. They are a marriage of colour conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting."

Also, this year’s trend is to think colour-clashing, print mixing and statement hues with these colours!


The sun goes down and the lights come on, be it at an indoor or outdoor wedding reception, light is imperative to setting the ambience for your evening.

One of the leading wedding trends of 2021 is mood-setting fairy lights. Dreamy, unique statement fairy lighting including exposed bulbs, festoon and string light installations is mixed with vintage chandeliers to create something magical.


2021 weddings are seeing a real desire to distort the line between the outdoors and indoors. Floral choices are also interesting with florists seeing more of a demand for rare blooms.

Couples are no longer considering large table centres in abundance. This year couples want to keep a fun, informal, relaxed vibe for one or two tables to accommodate all their guests.

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We spoke to Stacey at Designer Flowers, about floral trends for 2021 and she says,

“Couples aren’t interested in the table pieces but are opting for more one-off statement pieces. I am also being asked for more natural, whimsical flowers, as I call them, so bringing the outside in, so to speak.”

Lots of candles and simple bud vases are also trending, which is allowing couples to have a larger, statement design that really wows guests. If you are looking to try this idea, Rebecca Rae offers some delicious sustainably sourced candles that are sure to put smiles on the faces of your guests.


Wedding catering will be more sustainable and chosen to suit the season in 2021. Think food and drink that is fresh, locally sourced and in season so that the flavours are at their best!

Tradition is still proving popular in 2021 so think canapés, three-course wedding breakfast, such as your traditional Sunday Roast and a sticky toffee pudding.

Why not contact Black Jacket Events, they try to honour any request and offer delicious set menus or personally tailored catering for your wedding.

Wedding Cake

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Wedding cakes will get more creative and personable in 2021. People will still be opting for classic flavours such as Victoria sponge, but there will also be an added twist. Think semi-naked cakes which are being self-decorated with fresh flowers and summer fruits.

Also, for those that love a tipple, expect to see some ‘boozy’ flavours emerging to add a different element to the classic wedding cake. Gin and Tonic cake anyone?

Thank you and Giving

Weddings have a deeper meaning this year, and couples are looking for ways to honour the opportunity of being finally able to celebrate with loved ones.

Couples are incorporating gestures such as personal notes on each guest place setting. They are also choosing special guests, such as close family or friends, to take home the flower arrangements at the end of the occasion.

Baking or making special ‘thank you’ treats for each guest is also popular or, instead of asking for gifts from guests, couples are opting for charity donations.

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Party Later

Top of the wedding trend list of 2021 has to be ‘Let’s get wed now and have a party later’. Powered by covid restrictions, this concept is making many couples say their vows now and then planning a date in the future to have a big party with larger groups of family and friends, when restrictions allow.

So, there we have it, we hope you have enjoyed reading our blog. Although measures are still in place, there is hope and we are intentionally looking ahead to a year of lovely celebrations and memorable weddings.

To all couples getting married, enjoy your special day - please take a look at our other blogs for further inspiration, tips and advice.

Ping us an email here:, if you have any questions, we’d love to help you plan your special day,

Debbie and Becca

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