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Staying Body Positive While Shopping For Your Wedding Attire

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Deciding what to wear on your wedding day is supposed to be a fun activity, but it can quickly turn stressful – particularly if you let wedding norms get you down. Wedding tradition dictates that a woman must wear a white ball gown and a man must wear a suit. Yawn!

  • What if you don’t want to follow the crowd?
  • What if you don’t feel comfortable in a dress?
  • What if you are a same sex couple and neither of you like the idea of wearing a dress or suit?

And, most importantly, what if you don’t want to crash diet before your wedding day to fit into the PERFECT outfit?

Learning how to control your self-doubt and stay positive while shopping for your wedding attire certainly isn’t easy, but these steps might help.

Remember – it’s your day

So many individuals forget that wedding norms are there to be broken, and the only person you need to please on your wedding day is yourself. When shopping for your wedding day attire, choose whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Not all brides want to wear a dress, and that’s fine. Not all grooms want to wear a suit, and that’s also fine. And same-sex couples don’t have to coordinate their outfit choices. Your choice of wedding attire should reflect your personality and style, not current trends.

Surround yourself with positive people

Shopping alone can make it easier to focus on what you want, but surrounding yourself with supportive and positive people can also be helpful. Be vocal about your expectations and don’t be afraid to ask people to take a step back if they aren’t being supportive.

Being supportive means something different to everyone. Your well-meaning friend might think she’s being helpful when she asks if you’re planning to lose weight for the big day. But don’t be afraid to correct them and remind them what kind of support you need.

Shop for your size

It might be tempting to buy your outfit a few sizes smaller and use this as motivation to lose weight, but this is risky. Most bridal boutiques advise against this. Firstly, you don’t have to conform to a specific size. And second, it’s easier to make an outfit smaller than larger if you do lose a little weight before your big day.

Shopping for your current size will also help you to choose an outfit that makes you feel confident right now. By flipping negatives into positives and focusing on what you think looks good on you rather than focusing on what you might want to conceal, you’ll enjoy a much more body-positive experience.

Ignore the numbers

This is particularly true for individuals who choose to wear a dress on their wedding day. Bridal dress sizing is not the same as regular dress sizing. And discrepancies between sizing systems in different shops means that clothing size is pretty much meaningless, anyway.

No one is going to know if you’re wearing a size 6 or size 16 wedding dress. All they will see is a beautiful bride feeling confident on their special day. So forget about the number in the dress and focus on how the dress makes you feel – because that’s the only thing that matters.

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Hope this blog was helpful for you! For more advice and inspiration, to help make your wedding day a unique and memorable occasion, make sure you’re following the Infinite Wedding Co blog regularly. We share helpful insight and inspiration to help make planning your wedding a breeze.

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Debbie and Becca x

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