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Step By Step Guide To Planning A Wedding

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Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, so it makes sense that many couples outsource the task to a wedding planner. However, even with a wedding planner on hand to help you, you’ll still need to make some important decisions along the way.
If you’re recently engaged and thinking about your big day, the steps we’ve put together below, will help you to plan your perfect day.
Remember, wedding planning is broken down into small steps, so you needn’t feel overwhelmed looking at everything that needs to be done. Most couples spend 12-18 months planning a wedding, so all of this can be spread over at least a year.
Read on for the essential steps to take when planning your wedding...

Set your budget

Don’t start planning your dream wedding until you know what you have to spend. Spending money you don’t have will only lead to stress on the run-up to your big day, so keep it realistic. Ask family about any contributions they would like to make.

Choose the date and venue

Wedding venues book up well in advance, so you want to get your date secured as early as possible. Picking the date and the venue will often happen alongside each other. Remember you might get a better deal booking a mid-week wedding, but you might have to compromise with a shorter guest list. We recommend Hop Farm for a unique and quirky venue or The Boundary for larger events.

Give notice to your registry office

Whether you are getting married in a registry office or a private venue, you need to give notice between one and 12 months before your wedding date. You can do this at your local registry office. You’ll then have the option to book your registrar or wedding date.

Select your wedding party

Who do you want by your side and helping to make your big day special? You don’t have to stick to the usual gender norms. We’re big fans of non-conventional wedding parties.

Build the guest list

With your budget and wedding venue in mind, you can now start to think about your guest list. Remember that smaller weddings are becoming increasingly popular, so don’t feel the need to pad the guest list just to make up the numbers.

Pick your theme

Some couples know exactly what they want on their wedding day, while others have absolutely no idea. Narrowing it down to a colour scheme can help when it comes to working for vendors. Vendors like Love Lilly will be able to help you to narrow down your choices.

Find your vendor

The vendors you need to hire will all depend on your choice of venue. For a blank canvas wedding, you’ll need decor, entertainment, food and drinks. Some venues will include all of this as part of an all-inclusive package. Meet with multiple vendors for each category so that you have less chance of being disappointed if one of them is already booked up.

Decide what to wear

Around 6 months before your big day, you should start to think about your wedding day attire. Remember there are no rules when it comes to wedding attire. You don’t have to fit the mould, and you’re free to wear whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. We recommend Amara Bridal for stunning bridal wear.

Pick your wedding rings

An often overlooked part of wedding planning, choosing your rings together can be an incredibly emotional event. We recommend Micheal Frank Jewellers for incredible bespoke wedding jewellery. They offer a free package of goodies for your wedding day with every commission.

Say I do

With all of the planning behind you, it’s time for the best bit. Even if you go down the DIY route for your wedding, we still recommend working with a wedding planner for on-the-day coordination. This will help you to relax and enjoy your big day without worrying about the finer details!

If you’re ready to start planning your wedding and need some guidance, get in touchto find out how we can help!

Debbie & Becca x

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