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Stunning Wedding Cake Ideas For Every Season

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A seasonal wedding cake is usually made of fresh ingredients that are in season at the time of the wedding. There are many reasons to choose a seasonal wedding cake. For starters, they can be more affordable than an average cake because they use ingredients that are often readily available and cheaper when they're in season.

If you are flexible about your design, you can leave it to your baker to choose the freshest fruit and florals for your cake design. This can add an element of surprise to your wedding day.

If you decide you would like real flowers on your wedding cake, it will be far easier for your baker to source these if you choose flowers that are in season. The same goes for any fruit filling or decoration. While you might be able to find strawberries in winter, they won’t be as delicious as those found at the end of Spring and the start of Summer.

It’s also a really easy choice for your wedding theme. If you aren’t particularly attached to any kind of colour scheme or theme, then choosing to go seasonal is a really easy alternative.

Spring Wedding Cake Ideas

A spring wedding is all about the flowers and the bright floral shades. Seasonal fruits at this time of year include rhubarb, strawberries and apricots. Try Essence of Cake for a classic Victoria sponge adorned with fruit.

We can use some of these ideas for inspiration:

Use pastels and flowers for decoration on top of the cake.

Use different coloured frosting with different flavours for each layer.

Decorate a naked cake (no frosting on the sides) with seasonal fruit and flowers that match your bouquet.

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Summer Wedding Cake Ideas

Summer is all about bright colours and bold flavours. A tropical theme would be perfect for a summer wedding and you can make the most of seasonal fruits like pineapple, mango, peaches and cherries. We love Wilma’s Bakery for their bold, tropical creations.

Contrast bright white icing with bold tropical flowers.

Choose a Mediterranean theme with sprigs of green and candied citrus fruits.

Keep the flavours lighter with a lemon sponge or red velvet cake.

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Autumn Wedding Cake Ideas

As the seasons are changing, it’s the perfect time to pay tribute to the stunning colours of autumn. A bold and bright cake with autumnal shades of red, orange and gold would be the perfect tribute to the season. We love Buttercups for their stunning cake creations.

Choose seasonal flavours like maple and cinnamon for a spicy treat.

Dried flowers make a stunning addition to an autumn wedding cake.

Don’t be afraid to include some shimmering gold and bronze colours in your cake decor. A shimmering cake stand would be perfect for this.

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Winter Wedding Cake Ideas

For a winter wedding, you can choose darker and more dramatic shades. Midnight blue, crimson and glistening white are all perfect for a winter wedding cake. Claire’s Sweet Temptations is the ideal choice for bold and dramatic cakes.

Embrace the winter wonderland theme with a pristine white cake adorned with delicate snowflakes.

Go dark and dramatic with deep blue or purple shades.

Seasonal flavours include apple, clementine and pear. You could also borrow classic Christmas flavours such as cinnamon and nutmeg for a perfect carrot cake.

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