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Summer vibes: Ideas for your summertime wedding

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Outdoor Ceremonies

Nothing says Summer Wedding like saying your 'I Do's' in the great outdoors. Whether in a summery field, under a marquee or in the shade of a small woods or forest, a ceremony outdoors is made for summer weddings.

However, a word of advice: if you're going to attempt an outdoor ceremony, please arrange a back up plan that you are EQUALLY happy with. I've worked with a few couples in the past who have been adamant that their wedding ceremony will take place outside and the weather on their day will be perfect. I've got news for you: We live in England, where to weather is never guaranteed, no matter what month it is. Always have a back up plan ready to go, and make sure you're just as happy to carry out option B as you are option A.

Festival Weddings

A huge Tipi in a meadow or a traditional pole marquee works perfectly for outdoors-y festival style weddings. This option would go wonderfully well alongside your woodland ceremony. The great thing about having a marquee wedding is that more often than not, they come as a blank canvas, so you can really stamp your style on the space.

Summery Florals:

Sunflowers are an all time favourite wedding flower for me. They are the epiphany of summertime and make people think of happy, warming things. Another marvellous flower in season during these months are gorgeous Green Tricks. These unusual flowers look lovely either in a bouquet or as centrepiece arrangements. Freesias and Snapdragons are also in season during the summer months, and offer a pop of colour to your flower decor. Bulk out your arrangements with Gypsophila, Waxflowers or Solidago.

Flower Crowns

When I think of summer, I think of beautiuful wild flowers and green foliage. Incorporating a flower crown into your attire adds a gorgeous earthy and summery element to your look. It's also great for those of us who aren't really into bling-y tiaras or accessories.

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Gin Bars

Gin has become a huge trend over the past few years, with every summer that approaches, many of us Gin lovers are eager to find out what new flavours and brands will be popping up this year. A Gin bar is a great way to offer a summery beverage option to your guests, who I'm sure will be hugely grateful.

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Booze Buckets

Grab yourself a big bathtub, a tin crate or a few wheelbarrows, fill them up with ice and pop some beers and bottles/cans in your DIY booze buckets. This is probably my favourite, informal way of serving welcome drinks to your guests. Plus, they can help themselves which is great, as you won't need a staff member or a family member to hand them out to people.

Live Music

We're really starting to set the scene here. You've had your outdoor ceremony, you've moved on to your reception space and your guests have grabbed a gin and tonic or a beer from the bucket. Now it's time for the live band or acoustic singer to keep your guests entertained, while you're taking photos with your chosen photographer.


Without a doubt the first type of food I think about when summer comes around is a BBQ feast with family and friends. Having a super casual dining option works really well with any style of wedding, and the option of having a BBQ gives you a huge amount of flexibility. The best caterers now will be able to personalise your menu, tailoring it to the dietary requirements of yourself and your guests.

Ice Cream

Finish up your BBQ with a selection of ice creams for your guests. We love the little 'ice cream bikes' that have recently come on the scene, and you can really personalise the experience by requesting unusual flavours or your all time favourites.

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