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Sunrise ceremony and Champagne brunch: Getting married in Mijas

Imagine an intimate, romantic ceremony on a private beach. The sunrise to your left just peaking over the lighthouse in the distance. As the sun begins to lift, he/she puts the ring on your finger and you are announced as a newly wedded couple.

Once your ceremony is over, you and your new husband/wife are taken by your photographer to capture stunning images of you both with the beach backdrop, including mountains just visible within the distance. Your guests will enjoy a Champagne reception and when you come back from taking your pictures, you'll both be greeted with a glass of cool bubbles.

Your wedding breakfast, an amazing champagne brunch can be served on the beautiful terrace, overlooking the beach & endless miles of ocean. Live music plays as you and your guests enjoy the meal, creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Afterwards, the day is yours to explore with your new spouse, taking in the culture and Mediterranean vibes that surround you, in the beautiful town that is Mijas...

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To me, this sounds like a truly perfect, low key and low cost way to celebrate your love for one another with a select few of your family and close friends. If you've been dreaming of a destination wedding, yet are worried about the costs of a big over seas ceremony or asking elderly members of your family to travel for hours on a plane, Mijas may be the answer to all of your problems.

This post comes to you from a comfy lounger on a sun drenched terrace in a beautiful little town called La Cala des Mijas. I hear it’s snowing back home, which is crazy, as the wether here is beautiful, yet I am only a two hour flight from Essex.

Mijas is a gorgeous town, with many restaurants, shops, bars and local markets scattered throughout. I can see why it’s a popular area for brits to travel in both winter and summer seasons. We’ve met many english couples here already, and because of this there is not much of a language barrier between us and the locals. Many of the locals speak good English to keep up with the tourism in the area, making it easy to converse.

Although we are here to travel and explore, Debbie and I have alterer motives. We’ve been working hard over the last few months to be able to offer something special and different to our clients. Over the past couple of days we have tried local restaurants, shopped in the markets and met with event planners within the area. We have also had a great opportunity to view a beautiful venue, offering a beautiful backdrop to all occasions. (The venue mentioned in my above description).

Avanto is not only a fantastic choice for a destination wedding, but also offers a large space for parties and corporate events. The venue is up and coming, and the owner is currently working hard to transform some of the space she has into more beautiful rooms available to hire. The venue boasts a gorgeous location, with sweeping views across the endless ocean and beach. It has it’s own private beach area, gardens and terrace, complicate with modern garden furniture and chic interiors.

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This new Infinite Wedding recommended venue also offers many in house bonuses such as catering, decor and entertainment and the event manager there is as helpful as she is passionate.

If you’re looking into getting married in or around Malaga/Marbella this is a definite ‘must’ on your list of venues to check out. Of course, we would be more than happy to put you in touch with the event manager or give you more details about pricing and services.

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