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The biggest wedding trends of 2020

Are you in the midst of planning your 2020 wedding & looking for new, fresh ideas? We've put together our favourite trends for the upcoming year to help you plan your dream day.



Sustainable weddings

It is absolute music to my ears to hear that people all over the globe are becoming more environmentally aware. Because of this, people are starting to live more eco-friendly lives and in result of that, there has been a huge increase in sustainable weddings. From paperless invites to a dress you can wear again and again after your wedding day, there are so many ways in which you can make your wedding day safer for our environment. If you’re interested in hearing more about making small changes to your day, to be more eco friendly, click here to see our most recent blog post: "the rise of sustainable weddings"


City weddings

In keeping with sustainability, many couples are choosing to have their weddings as close to home as possible. In previous years, Londoners in particular have sought out wedding venues in the countryside surrounding London, as a rural escape from the city. However, with many couples being 1) more environmentally aware and 2) budget conscious, we can expect to see a lot more weddings throughout cities in the UK.


Outdoors and ‘festival’ style weddings

With ‘wedding season’ typically falling into the summer months, there has been a steady rise in the amount of festival or outdoor weddings over the past few years. Whether you’re getting married here in the UK, or are searching for a venue abroad. You might like to consider the option of an open air wedding. Sure, it’s a bit of a risk. We never know what’s going on with the weather but as long as you have a back up plan, the risk might just be worth it. A wedding in nature can be one of the most beautiful and romantic options out there. Think fairy lights draped from trees and long tables elegantly dressed with lush green foliage.

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(Photo: Piece of Cake Marquees)

Pampas grass and dried flowers

The floral trends this year have shifted slightly and we can expect to see a huge rise in pampas grass and dried flowers. Again, this is in keeping with hosting a more sustainable wedding, as dried flowers can be used again and again. They suit boho and festival weddings perfectly, however are versatile and can be used for pretty much every theme out there.

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(Bouquet: The Flower Room Belfast / Etsy)

Long banqueting tables

Gone are the days of huge round tables, over recent years we've seen a shift from round to long rectangular tables. I personally love the idea of this, and am incorporating banqueting tables to my own wedding. They're easier to dress, and I actually think you need a lot less on these tables as you would a round table. (Much better for that budget you're supposed to be sticking to!)



All vegetarian & vegan menus

With Flexitarianism, vegetarianism and veganism all still on the rise, you can expect to see an increase in the amount of couples planning an all veggie/vegan wedding breakfast. Plant-based products are becoming a huge part of todays society and even if couples themselves aren’t vegan or even vegetarian, be prepared to see many more weddings this year with all veggie/vegan menus.



Plush velvets and Tweedy attire for grooms and groomsmen

Think luxurious fabrics and bold colours as the trend for grooms and groomsmen this year. We are loving that grooms are stepping out of traditional attire and are owning the show in big colours and unique materials.

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(Photo: Slaters Menswear)

Bridal Jumpsuit, two-pieces & comfy footwear

This is without a doubt my favourite upcoming trend. Personally, I am not a heels kind of girl. I live in flip flops through the summer and vans in the winter, so for me, the idea of putting uncomfortable heels or shoes on for my wedding makes me recoil.

Similarly to myself, my partner, Debbie, is not a dress person, so the idea of a jumpsuit is really appealing. No longer do we need to compromise; beauty over comfort. Both can be achieved if you find the right outfit for you.

One of my absolute favourite bridal designers, Rock The Frock, have the perfect trouser & top combo "Joplin" which you can check out on their website: (Rock The Frock)

Rock The Frock do also stock some seriously stunning dresses, skirts and tops for brides for those who aren't all in on the jumpsuit/trouser idea.

3aab46 70802755a69e4117b29d201c1eeca00f mv2
(Joplin Trousers: Rock The Frock)

Mid-length and cowl neck bridesmaids

Again, coming away from traditions, we can expect to see a lot of silk and satin, trendy cowl neck dresses and flattering mid-length frocks for bridesmaids this year. Bronze satins are on the rise, as these colours and materials suit pampas and dried flowers perfectly. Take a peek at our favourite bridesmaid trends here via our recent blog post "2020 Wedding trends: Bridesmaid style"

3aab46 ebb7330cacbe42849e25ed7bfb199eb2 mv2
(Dress: Hidden Room / Etsy)

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