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The Perks Of The Blank Canvas Wedding Venue

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Wedding planning is all about decision making. From the venue and the menu to the clothes and the cocktails. It can feel overwhelming at times to plan a wedding – particularly if you don’t have any firm ideas about what would make it your “dream day”.

LGBTQ couples in particular often struggle with wedding planning, simply because they feel that so many wedding traditions aren’t made for them. This can leave couples in a strange wedding limbo; trapped between what they want to do and what is expected of them.

If you’re struggling with the idea of a traditional wedding and want to put your own stamp on the day, the ideal solution is to choose a blank canvas wedding venue. This will allow you to plan every single aspect of your wedding day, leaving out any traditions that you don’t think are right for you, and creating your own traditions. Read on to learn more about the perks of the blank canvas wedding venue.

What is a blank canvas wedding venue?

A blank canvas venue is one that doesn’t include anything other than the venue hire. Some will offer simple extras like a range of seating options, a PA system and a dancefloor. But the decor, entertainment, food and drink are entirely up to you.

We have a few examples of blank canvas wedding venues on our site, including County Marquees and Piece of Cake Marquees. These both offer flexible packages to allow you to plan a wedding that suits your taste and style.

Are there any limitations?

This all depends on the individual wedding venue. Some will have rules about making noise after a certain time, or what kind of entertainment you can have. In the case of marquee and teepee wedding venues, you might need to find a suitable place to pitch it or use their established site.

The best thing about a blank canvas wedding venue is that they will rarely have preferred suppliers. Many traditional wedding venues will either include catering or have a small list of suppliers you can choose from. This removes a lot of the flexibility in planning your big day.

It can also lead to higher costs and big compromises on what you want to offer your guests. With a blank canvas wedding venue, you’ll be able to invite any suppliers that you want.

Is it more expensive to hire a blank canvas venue?

No, a blank canvas wedding venue is often cheaper because there is far less work for the venue owner. And since you will have free choice over which suppliers you want to invite, you can get far more creative with your budget.

One of the biggest expenses you will face will be venue decor. Many blank canvas wedding venues will include reduced rates on furniture hire, so you don’t have to bring in everything for your big day. However, other items like flowers and table settings will need to be arranged.

While this might add to your costs, there are ways to create a stunning wedding venue on a budget. You could DIY your wedding decor, or choose a multi-functional supplier like Fabricate Decor or Love Lilly to customise your space.

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Do I need to hire a wedding planner?

We recommend hiring a wedding planner such as JS Events or Sparkling Soirees, when choosing a blank canvas wedding venue simply because there are more components to think about. A wedding planner will be able to secure the best rates for suppliers, make sure you haven’t overlooked anything important, and also be there on the day to set up and then take down the decor.

If you’re going down the DIY route, you should at the very least hire a wedding planner for on-the-day coordination. This will reduce the stress and allow you to enjoy your big day without thinking about stringing up lights or making sure the Putt Party crazy golf is set up and ready to go. Attempting to coordinate with suppliers on your big day will only add to your stress.

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Wedding planners rarely work alone. On the day of your wedding, they often arrive at your venue with a team in tow, ready to transform the space. If you’re a bit of a perfectionist and like to oversee everything, fear not. Your wedding planner knows what you’re trying to achieve, so they’ll be the perfectionist for you.

Without a wedding planner, you would have to rely on friends and family to set up your wedding venue, which could cause unnecessary agro and stress.

Who shouldn’t plan a blank canvas wedding?

If you want to streamline your wedding day and don’t mind making compromises for the sake of simplicity, then a blank canvas wedding venue is not for you. Choosing an all-inclusive venue with a wedding planner included in the price will allow you to cut down on the planning time and allow you to focus on your big day.

Ready to start planning your wedding with Infinite Wedding Co? Get in touch to find out how we can help you create your perfect day!

Debbie and Becca x

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