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The Perks Of Working With A Wedding Planner

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Many couples have strong opinions about wedding planners. They have visions of a sharp-dressed perfectionist, barking orders over a headset and making the bridesmaids cry.

The way wedding planners are portrayed in film and TV really doesn’t help. On the big screen, wedding planners are nearly always reserved for super-rich couples who are looking for ridiculous ways to spend more money.

For this reason, many couples assume a wedding planner is:

Out of their budget

Only for posh and expensive weddings

Only for brides/grooms too busy to plan their wedding

Not suitable if you want a low-key or DIY wedding

The Advantages Of A Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is not there to take over your big day. Nor do they have their own agenda. A wedding planner is there to help your dreams become a reality, whatever those dreams might be.

So, if you want to hug, kiss, and party like it’s 1999, they’ll work with companies such as Evo Event Hire Ltd to help MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Wedding Planners Are There For You

Wedding planners usually strive to provide you with a more unique wedding than you would have had without one.

Cocktails instead of champagne, cheese wheel instead of a cake? IT’S YOUR BIG DAY, and a wedding planner will make sure they look for the best suppliers around, such as, Harbour and Coupe and Essence Of Cake UK to make it extra special for you.

They'll Get You A Better Deal On EVERYTHING

Wedding planners have established relationships with vendors, so when the time comes to negotiate a deal, they’re already in a great position. Remember they aren’t just planning your wedding, they’re planning weddings for couples throughout the year. They’ll have their go-to list of preferred vendors they know will give them a great deal. Trying to achieve this on your own would be near impossible.

Top tip: Choosing a wedding venue that also offers catering can save you a lot of time and money. Hop Farm in Tonbridge has an in-house hospitality team capable of whipping up anything from a hog roast to an informal buffet.

You Won’t Go Over Budget

Budgeting is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when planning your wedding. It’s so easy to let a few small things slide. But before long, these small stretches in your budget will put considerable strain on your finances.

When you are working with a wedding planner, you can forget about the risk of overspending. Their job is to help you to plan your dream wedding on a realistic budget. For some couples, their biggest expense is their wedding planner, because they know that a wedding planner’s expertise in stretching a budget will allow them to achieve more with less.

They’ll Set Up Your Wedding Venue Or Marquee

Wedding planners rarely work alone. On the day of your wedding, they often arrive at your venue with a team in tow, ready to transform the space. If you’re a bit of a perfectionist and like to oversee everything, fear not. Your wedding planner knows what you’re trying to achieve, so they’ll be the perfectionist for you.

Without a wedding planner, you would have to rely on friends and family to set up your wedding venue. When it comes to stringing up a million fairy lights, we think this is best left to the professionals!

Top Tip: Choosing a blank canvas wedding venue is an excellent way to make sure the day is a reflection of your relationship. The Boundary in Southend-on-Sea is a friendly and flexible space that will allow you to create your perfect wedding day.

They’re 100% On Your Side

Planning a wedding often means conflict. You’ll clash with your partner over the menu. You’ll clash with your family over the seating plan. And you’ll clash with your friends over the entertainment. It’s easy for friends and family to forget that it’s your big day, but when you’re working with a wedding planner, they’ll always have your back.

It’s like having a non-judgemental best friend to plan your wedding with. But don’t assume that they will always agree with you. If you suggest something that they are confident won’t work, or that will push you out of your budget, expect some resistance.

Top Tip: You don’t have to hire a full-service wedding planner. Some couples don’t need this level of support, particularly when they choose a wedding venue that provides catering. JS Events offers full-planning, partial-planning and on-the-day support for weddings of all sizes.

They Are Full Of Super Amazing Ideas

Wedding planners have seen it all. They have their finger on the pulse of weddings because they help to create them. So, if you want your wedding to be perfectly Instagrammable, they’ll have some pointers to help it happen. And if you and your partner have wildly different ideas about your dream wedding, a wedding planner can help to bring these ideas together in a creative way.

Top Tip: If you’re all about creating a memorable experience for your guests, choose a wedding planner that puts them first. Sparkling Soirées offers wedding planning with a difference, as they encourage you to think about the “guest journey”. This unique approach to planning could transform your wedding vision into a unique experience for your guests.

On The Day

On your wedding day, they will also coordinate your vendors, so you don’t have to lift a finger. They also take care of dressing down the venue, at the end of the night, and returning any rental items so you can get your deposits back.

Ready to start planning your wedding? The Infinite Wedding Co offers an abundance of advice and inspiration to help make your wedding day a unique and memorable occasion. We also offer a free wedding checklist download to help get you started.

Ping us an email here: if you have any questions about planning your special day. We’d love to help,

Debbie and Becca x

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