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Wedding Cake Tips - What To Ask During A Cake Consultation

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Deciding on your wedding cake should be a delicious experience that complements the enjoyment of your wedding planning journey. We have therefore spoken to the incredibly talented Claire, from Sweet Temptations, to advise us on what to ask during a cake consultation.

From changes to the cake design, to deciding on flavours, get ready to have a pen at hand…

Words from Claire…

When you go to see your cake maker for your consultation there are going to be many, many questions, from both parties.

Before you have your consultation, write a list of things to ask and tick them off once you have your answer.

It can be so easy to get back to the car after your meeting and think ‘Oh no! I forgot to ask this…’ or ‘I forgot to ask that!’

Here are some requests and questions to think about.

Consultation – free or not free?

If you are at the consultation stage, then it’s likely you have chosen them to make your cake. If not, be aware that you may be charged for the consultation. This is standard practice, and that fee is often deducted from the cost of the cake if you choose to go with them.

Cake tasting

During the consultation you’ll probably be trying lots of yummy cakes so don’t eat too much beforehand. Leave plenty of room for all that sweet stuff! My couples often say the consultation and tasting is one of their favourite parts of the planning process!

Here are 5 of the most important things to ask your cake maker at your consultation:

1. Can we make changes to the cake design and size?

This is a question that is being asked more and more recently. With so many couples having to change their wedding plans due to covid, ideas for wedding cakes are fluctuating, wedding numbers are altering etc…

It is therefore a good idea to check how flexible your cake maker is about making changes.

If they are ok with variations, also ask when they will need to know about alterations.

When working with me, I need the final design and flavour around six weeks before the wedding. Other cake makers may have different lead times, so always ask.

2. What happens if we need to move our wedding date?

Every cake maker and supplier will have their own terms and conditions that will state their cancellation and postponement policy. However, asking the question and having that conversation will put your mind at rest.

3. Dietary requirements

If you are aware that any of your guests have any food allergies or intolerances, then it is vital you tell your cake maker. Ask them if they are able to accommodate these, some will, some may not be able to.

4. When do we need to make the final decisions on flavours?

It is likely you will have been tasting the cake samples at your consultation, but do you need to decide there and then which flavours you want for which tier?

Usually no, but there will be a deadline date for when you need to decide, so make sure you ask them when this is.

5. What should you take with you at your consultation?

Mood boards, colour swatches, photos of the dress/suit or bridesmaid’s dresses, photos of the flowers, and the décor of the venue, and images of your stationary.

These are all things that can be used in the cake design. If you have a cake topper then bring that with you too, it is helpful to see the size of any cake topper you may want to use.

Finally, take a notebook with you and jot down notes from your meeting. Remember, there is no such thing as a silly question, your cake maker is there to answer those questions and solve your worries.

A huge thanks to Claire from Sweet Temptations for providing us with great tips for brides and grooms. Enjoy the process everyone!

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Debbie and Becca x

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