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Wedding Day Tips By Clare Kentish

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Looking for some wedding day advice before you walk down the aisle?

You’ve probably read all the sites dedicated to weddings, looked through hundreds of magazines and spoken to many newlyweds, suppliers, and venues, but still, you can always use more suggestions, right?!

We spoke to Clare Kentish, a creative, classical, documentary style wedding photographer based in Essex, who has photographed 100s of weddings, for some handy wedding day tips.

Venue/Church route, parking information!

I once had to have a wedding car follow me to the church because his sat nav wasn't picking up a signal!

I didn't actually know where the church was, which meant I was late, which meant the car park was full, which meant I missed the bride getting out of the car because I was trying to park!

Top tips:

  • Make sure your guests and suppliers have full travel and parking instructions.
  • Do a reiki preceding your wedding. If there’s no signal on route to your venue/church, make sure travel instructions are as detailed as possible in your invites and correspondence to vendors.
  • Plan in extra time - that journey that normally takes 15mins - double it so everyone is there on time!

Breakfast & Food

Low blood sugar can make you feel sick, irritable, and tired. Eat regularly (maybe even a little more) and put the most reliable member of your bridal party in charge of ensuring you do so. I once had a Bride faint at the sit down and miss speeches and sunset because she hadn't eaten all day!

Top tips:

  • Eat a breakfast that is high in protein and complex carbs. This food will take a while to break down in your body and keep you going, which is important since brides and grooms can go long periods without eating.
  • Have some high energy snacks on hand and ask one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen to look after them.
  • Make time to enjoy your food! You may have opted for a delicious BBQ from HOGIT or included a yummy crepe van from a company such as CREPE BRITAIN, who would want to miss out on this type of food!?

Remember, this is your wedding, and this day won’t come around again so I say make food a priority!

Getting Ready

Quiet morning prep is always the least stressful and having as few visitors as possible is bliss!

Top tips:

  • Try to surround yourself with only the people you want with you on the morning of your wedding. It could be your mum, your wedding party, or your other half.
  • You will probably have suppliers such as hairstylists like the wonderful Jennie (Bridal Hair By Jennie), or a photographer (like me!), in the room with you whilst getting ready so it’s important to choose them carefully. Make sure you have met with them a few times prior and have a great natural dynamic with them.
  • Ask any other visitors to be respectful of your time when getting ready with a note on the door. You could also opt for having a sign created. Cloud Made Designs specialise in wedding signage and create bespoke solutions for all their customers.
  • Appoint a trustworthy person in your bridal party to manage any questions from guest which will take the pressure away from you, so you can enjoy!

Take 5!

Your wedding will be a whirlwind of wonderful happy, moments, and there will be lots going on.

Top tips:

  • It’s important that you and your new spouse take some time out together to really appreciate the fact that you’ve just married each other!
  • Take 5 mins in a field to walk, chat and breathe or go to your room for half an hour together.
  • You will spend quite a bit of time with the photographer having couples’ pictures so ask your photographer if you can have a moment or two together. I almost force it on my couples as I understand just how important it is.

Soak in The Moment And Enjoy!

You have probably spent a long time planning your special day so top priority is to ENJOY!

Top tips:

  • Look around at everyone in attendance and think about how much they mean to you. It will probably be the only time all those people are in the same room.
  • Take in how much you love your significant other and how amazing you feel at that very moment. Married life has its challenges, and you'll need to draw on that feeling from time to time.

Huge thank you Claire Kentish for providing us with great tips for couples on their wedding day. Enjoy everyone!

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Debbie and Becca x

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