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Wedding Flowers - Top Things To Consider

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Image : Flowers : Victoria, Simply Stunning Flowers, Marc & Michele’s wedding at the Roslin Beach Hotel captured by the fabulous Louise King Photography.

The wedding flowers you choose will play an extremely important role in your special day. Whether you decide to go for a whimsical bouquet, use artificial florals instead of real ones, or decorate your entire venue, the flowers you use, will set the scene for the whole day.

So, where On Earth Do You Start?

Deciding on what to choose can be just as overwhelming as choosing your wedding day attire or venue, some may say! Many questions will be flying around your head, what’s on trend, what’s in season? What flowers work together? What can you get for the budget you have?

Here are some top things to consider with help from a few signature florists.

What’s The First Thing To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Flowers?

Choosing your flowers is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning, however it's not as simple as you think. The first thing we advise is to do some research. Speak to a few different florists, ask other couples, do a google search and take some time to decide what you like.

TIP: You don’t need to be Charlie Dimmok, but before talking to a florist, get some knowledge behind you; learn the names of flowers, flower terms, colours etc…

Consider Your Budget

Next on the list is to consider your wedding budget; there’s no point going to a florist with an array of wonderful ideas, if you’ve got a limited budget.

Once you’ve considered your budget, you can THEN prioritise flowers that are ‘must haves’ and ‘nice to haves,’ and start whittling down what you can and cannot have.

What Are The Most Popular Wedding Flowers?

With so many beautiful flowers to choose from, how do you shave down the options?

‘The most popular wedding flowers are roses,’ says Victoria from Simply Stunning Flowers,

‘I have many years of prickly war wounds from these! Peony season in May and June is always super busy and very popular amongst couples’

There are so many types of flowers to opt for, all coming in a range of colours such as pinks, peaches, white, and yellows, and an array of popular wedding flowers, such as, Roses, Ranunculus, Tulips and Hydrangeas!

Our best advice: choose wedding flowers that are a symbol of your love for each other.

Should I Go For Flowers That Are In Season?

Choosing seasonal flowers is the best way to capture the atmosphere of the time of year. They look fresher and are usually cheaper.

TIP: Speak to a florist about the best flowers available in the season of your wedding. We have a list of wonderful florists in our directory that are always happy to help with seasonal flower advice. Click here to see the florist we recommend.

Why Should I Have Flowers

‘Flowers are a personal choice at a wedding, and however big or small they will always add that extra pop of colour to you day and your photos.’ Victoria, Simply Stunning Flowers.

It’s up to you whether you want flowers or not but we believe that flowers really do make it. You can also spread the love with your flowers by giving away special ones, after your wedding, to family members and friends for them to take home, display, dry and keep if they wish.

I Want To Keep My Wedding As Sustainable As Possible - How Can I Do This When Considering My Flowers?

Speak to your florists and ask them if they work with growers for sustainability. Also ask what other methods are in place to stay eco.

Cheryl, at Cheryl’s Flowers says she is determined to continue to be more and more sustainable. She says that in the summer she uses two local suppliers where she goes to hand pick couples’ flowers. “I also use string that is biodegradable and have started using paper to wrap bouquets instead of cellophane. All my floral arches are sustainable - no oasis is used at all!”

Faux flowers are also a good sustainable option for carbon footprint as there is no waste element. They won't wilt or die, won't stain your outfits, they travel well, which is great for destination weddings. They can also be kept forever which is a great keepsake.

Check out First Florals on our website. They are an artificial florist created in 2018. Their website has a large selection of bouquets, buttonholes, flower hoops and crowns, hair accessories, wrist corsage with a variety of stems, styles, and sizes.

What Are The 2021 Wedding Flower Trends?

We spoke to Stacey at Designer Flowers, about floral trends for 2021 and she says,

“Couples aren’t interested in the table pieces but are opting for more one-off statement pieces. I am also being asked for more natural, whimsical flowers, as I call them, so bringing the outside in, so to speak.”

Lots of candles and simple bud vases are also trending, which is allowing couples to have a larger, statement design that really wows guests. If you are looking to try this idea, Rebecca Rae offers some delicious sustainably sourced candles that are sure to put smiles on the faces of your guests.

When Do I Need To Order My Wedding Flowers?

Try to figure out EXACTLY what you want for your wedding flowers before you place the order. Keep in mind that certain flowers might not be available during specific seasons.

TIP: Once you have settled on your flower design and details, place your order between six and nine months ahead of the wedding. Top florists get booked up quickly, especially during the summer months - the height of wedding season.

What Should I Spend On My Wedding Flowers?

Our best advice when thinking about your wedding flowers to coincide with your budget, is to have the things you really want and cut back on other aspects which are of less importance to you.

For example, if you have your heart absolutely set on a beautiful, delicate, full bouquet, do it and opt for smaller bouquets for the bridesmaids.

TIP: Think about arrangements that can be moved throughout the day to decorate other focal areas I.e., flower stunning arches outside the church/ceremony area can often be moved about to other points during the rest of the day. Choosing this option is straight away better value for money.

What Else Do I Need To Consider?

Finding the perfect florist is like finding your ideal dress, when you find them, you will just know. Victoria, Simply Stunning Flowers, says:

‘I would suggest following a few different florists on their social media - see how they work, where they work etc and based on this then arrange a consultation to discuss everything further. You will have THE RIGHT feeling when you have found your florist as you will feel excited and happy to put your trust in them.’

So, there we have it, we hope you have enjoyed reading our blog all about flowers. To all couples getting married, enjoy your special day - please take a look at our other blogs for further inspiration, tips and advice.

Ping us an email here:, if you have any questions, we’d love to help you plan your special day,

Debbie and Becca x

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