We've partnered up with E-There to offer you private live streaming of your wedding or event directly to guests who are unable to attend, or live abroad. They don’t just watch - They feel! That emotion is love and we are here to connect you and your loved ones. No matter the distance or the circumstances, if they can’t be there... E-There.

E-There have worked tirelessly to create the perfect technology for weddings. There is always someone who cannot attend – and that must not be the case in today’s world. They set out creating a service for couples and realised that to help the most people, they had to create a solution for venues. This solution now means that any venue can have E-There’s state-of-the-art live streaming service, with no additional work involved for the venue. Everyone knows how important the big day is, and E-There want you to know that it’s important to them, too.


The company's mission is to make a million happy tears… and we’re on our way. 

 Please get in touch today to find out more about our services and our great pricing! 

There really is no price for missing guests and it's better than videographer services