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Seasonal 'DIY' Wedding Favours for your wedding.

For those of you who are being super hands on in the planning of your wedding, we've put together some of our favourite 'DIY' wedding favour ideas. They're all really easy to create, plus they won't break the bank.

Spring & Summer

- Plants or Seeds

This is probably one of the least time consuming wedding favour ideas out there. If you're going for plants, opt for miniature succulents, as these are the easiest plants to care for. They will fit perfectly on your tables, plus they can double up as a place setting. If you're going for seeds, grab yourselves some personalised pouches online and fill them with either your favourite florals, or with seeds that match your wedding flowers.


- Flavoured Oils

Another easy option is to home-infuse a bulk batch of high quality olive oils with garlic, herbs, chilli's, whatever it is you think your guests will enjoy, or whatever suits your own personal tastes. These little bottles are perfect for wedding favours, plus they come with a tag so you can personalise each bottle for your guests.

(Etsy: thegreekpantry)

- S'mores Kits

Is there really anything better than sitting around a fire on a beautiful summer evening, toasting a marshmallow and squishing it between layers of oozey chocolate and crunchy biscuit? I think not.

To assemble your own s'mores as a favour, you'll need: graham crackers or biscuits, chocolate and fluffy marshmallows. You'll also need some string or ribbon to tie each little package. Layer up your s'mores as you see fit, wrap it in cellophane and finish it off with a personalised label.

(Etsy: MintyPaperieShop)

Autumn & Winter

- Hot Chocolate Jars

This is one of my favourite DIY favour ideas. They're really easy to make, and you can really personalise them to your guests tastes. Layer up a mason jar with grated chocolate, sugar, cocoa powder and marshmallows, or mix it up and use crushed candy canes and white chocolate chips. Finish off your jars with a little personalised tag.

(Recipe: thefarmgirlgabs)

- Bath Salts

This one I actually read in a self-help book: “Rituals for every day” by Nadia Narain and Katia Narain Phillips. The book wasn’t wedding related, but I read it and thought “This would be a great idea as a wedding favour”

Here are the ‘recipes’ if you will, from the book itself:

- Candles

This one is perfect as a winter wedding favour. You can personalise these with different oils, dried flowers and your own little label, which would be lovely to pop your wedding details on. Check out the link below to learn how to make your own soy wax candles!

(DIY Soy Candles: Happiness is Homemade)

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