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Props & Decor:

  • 5FT Light Up LOVE Letters

  • 1FT Light Up Mr & Mrs Letters (Also available Mr & Mr / Mrs & Mrs)

  •  Sweet Cart | Fully equipped with Mr & Mrs banner, 5 large sweet jars, 5 medium sweet jars all full of sweets, lolly pop stand or Ferrero Rocher stand, utensil holder, utensils & bags to match colour scheme. 

  • Sweet Ferris Wheel | Fully equipped with utensil holder, utensils & bags to match colour schemes

  • Mirror & Easel to display a seating plan

  • 2 Wedding Boxes

  • 2 Ivory Blossom Trees

  • Rustic ladders equipped with accessories

  • Wishing Tree

  • Variety of Signs

  • Donut Wall, Cookie Wall, Prosecco Wall, Shot Wall

  • Balloons

*All items can be hired individually or as part of a package at a reduced price.