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How to organise games for your Hen Party

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Banned Words
Choose a list of words that cannot be spoken throughout the night. Make sure you choose words that are hard to avoid! You get to decide how severe the penalty is for breaking the rules, such as doing or shot or doing a dare.

DIY Bride
Split the party into two teams and have them create a wedding dress and a maid of honour dress using only toilet roll!! Best dress wind a prize of your choosing!

Balloon Questions
Another one to make your bride squirm and get all the hens on a united front is the BalloonQuestion game. Each hen writes a question on apiece of paper, puts it inside a balloon and inflates it. Throughout the evening, your bride-to-be chooses a balloon to pop and answers whatever question she finds. There are no limits on the line of questioning, so don’t be afraid to make your bride do a forfeit if she doesn’t answer.

Memorable meetings
Put the future bride well under the spotlight with this classy hen do game. When your hen guests arrive, ask them where they each first met the bride and write their answers in a notebook (if you do it, she can’t get any clues from the handwriting). After a drink or two, get the bride to read each answer from the book and decide which hen has written it.

Cocktail challenge
We know this is a respectable affair, but there’s always room for a classy cocktail. Before the party, write the names of various spirits, fruits and mixers on separate bits of paper and put them in different bowls. Assuming that you have all these goods at your disposal, split your hens into teams and get each one to pick from the fruit, spirit and mixer bowls. The game is to create a tasty cocktail using only the ingredients you’ve chosen, and obviously the bride gets to sample and score each creation.

The After Eight challenge
Each member of the bridal party has to put anAfter Eight chocolate mint on their forehead, and attempt to get it into their mouths using only their facial movements. Yep, no hands! The winner is the person who does it the quickest (or actually, anyone who doesn't smear chocolate allover their faces while dropping the After Eight