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Wedding game ideas for your wedding

Plan your dream wedding


Each person holds one of their shoes and one of their partners shoes, sitting with their back to one another. Raising the correct shoe when asked questions.

Choose all or just some of these questions- It's up to you!

Who made the first move?

Who is the most immature?

Who spends the most time getting ready to go out?

Who is more likely to get injured?

Which one of you is the messiest?

Who has the best rhythm?

Who is more likely to take care of a spider in the house?

Who is most likely to get lost?

Who is most likely to wake up grumpy in the morning?

Who is most likely to steal from a hotel room?

who is most likely to embarrass themselves at a wedding?

Who swears the most?

Who is the most forgetful?

Who wears the pants in relationship?

Who's more dramatic?

Who's more organised?

Who has the bigger wardrobe?

Who loses their phone the most?

Lego creations

Put legos at each table and challenge the guests to build creative centrepieces during the meal.Couple can choose a winner.

Date Night jar

Set up a spot for guests to come up with unique or traditional date night ideas for your marriage.

Wedding Piñata

Choose an elegant or silly piñata to shake thing sup during the evening. Blindfold the couple and see who can break through the piñata.

Doughnut bobbing

Tie a doughnut on a string and hang from a tree outside or beam inside. Your guests need to keep their hands behind their backs and use their mouths to retrieve and eat the doughnut.

Other ideas

Beer or prosecco pong

Flip cup

Mini golf

Giant Jenga

Poker table